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What are the benefits of using a Mobile Tire Service and is it really worth it?

Depending what your situation is, here are some reasons why calling a mobile tire repair shop is definitely something to consider. First, let's look at two different examples- new tire installations and emergency repair.

New Tire Installation- Did you know that we do not charge a service fee if you have 4 new tires installed? We have a state of the art mobile tire repair shop, and we will come to you with the tires you choose. We charge you exactly the same as if you came to our tire shop in Queens, NY. There are no additional fees for us coming to your office parking lot. So basically, you do not have to take time off, sit in the waiting room, or sit in traffic after your work day is done. Talk about convenience!

Flat fix / emergency repair- For a $50 service fee in Queens, Nassau, and Brooklyn NY or $75 for Manhattan, NY, we will come to you and either patch your tire (if repairable) or replace it if it is not. It is very important that you give us the correct tire size and if there is a specific tire you'd like just in case we cannot repair the old one. We try our best to repair the old one but remember we are a mobile tire shop and only stock the inventory on board for our appts that day. We NEED to be prepared in case it cannot be fixed.

Here are some questions I ask myself before I decide to go mobile or go to the actually location.

Can I do this myself? How busy am I today? Do I have time to wait a couple of hours for roadside assistance to come to put on my donut? Is this a slow leak or a blowout? If this is just a slow leak from a nail in my tire, do I have a pump to fill it up to drive to the nearest tire repair shop?

Convenience plays a major part in my decision to call a mobile tire shop. The idea of sitting at my desk at work while they are fixing it in my parking lot or parked on the street saves me an excessive amount of worrying and stress. The idea of not having to alter my schedule in any way makes that $50 service fee justifiable in my head. I can have 106St Mobile Tire Shop come to my driveway while I'm home waiting for my kids to get off the school bus. I don't have to drag my children with me to fix it.

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