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What do I do if my rims and tires are stolen off my car?

Do I need a police report if I have to submit an insurance claim?

Yes. A police report detailing the theft is necessary. It is best to report the theft as soon as it happens so the claim doesn’t look suspicious.

Are stolen wheels and tires covered under my car insurance?

Stolen tires and rims will only be covered under your car insurance if you have comprehensive car insurance. Depending on your type of coverage on your insurance policy (check with your insurance company) they usually will pay replacement value for your stolen wheels and tires.

Do I need to provide receipts for the stolen parts?

If you have the original factory tires and rims you will not need to provide the receipt. However, if you have purchased new custom rims or tires for your car then you would need to provide the receipt to justify the claim. Save your receipts in a safe place, take a picture or scan them to a file just in case. If you purchased your rims and tires from 106St Tire & Wheel, we should have your receipt on file and would be happy to provide it to your insurance company as well as help with the claim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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